Posted Jan 9th, 2013 (1:00 pm) by James Hughes

Behind the ambient sounds and button mashing of Seattle DJ/producer IG88, aka Branden Clarke, stepped onto the scene with his release A Loom & Not Me.

On the 13 track release, IG88 tries to connect to the listener early with catchy, yet complex beats that provoke deeper listening.

Hailing from Seattle, WA IG88 is an ambient breakbeat producer that focuses mostly on trip-hop drum sets and out-there tonal synths. A Loom & Not Me strays out to the experimental on a few tracks, but overall IG88 looks to keep to his wheelhouse.

Highlighting A Loom & Not Me is the voice of Jenni Potts. She is featured on two songs on the album, "Intentions of a Dark Frog" and "Seahorse Paternity Test." Both of these track benefit from the introduction of her voice. Actually, if IG88 added vocals/lyrics to most of the songs he could reach a larger audience.

In preparation for his new album release IG88 dropped a one hour set containing 12 tacks - aptly named "New Things In Progress." Along with performances under the alias IG88, Clarke performes alongside Beige, a vocalist, under their stage name Triceracorn.

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