Posted Jul 27th, 2015 (11:48 am) by James Hughes
Post Malone Could Easily Be The Most Trife Rapper In The Game
Post Malone Could Easily Be The Most Trife Rapper In The Game

So if you took a pinch of Trinidad James, added a scoop of Riff Raff, sprinkled just the slightest amount of Future, baked it in the oven at 420 degrees, and iced it with Paul Wall you would get the Houston product known as Post Malone.

The Houston, TX based rapper has recently emerged with hits, like "White Iverson" and "Holyfield," that could easily become the preferred soundtrack for anyone's end of day routines. Post Malone can best be described as a member of the minimalist rapper camp. The slow-flowing emcee focuses on melodic verses and hooks with an overly relaxed bravado. Malone's style will, without a doubt, Rickroll you, because he does not fit the mold of the typical white rapper. The slightly auto-tuned feel to his vocals smells of T-Pain and the Atlanta all-star rapper Future, but Malone looks like he bleeds Houston with his Paul Wall smile.

It is hard to say for sure if this young artist's persona checks out, but for now he will keep his eyes on becoming the best he can be. The scruffy bearded, Sean Paul braids rocking emcee is crossing a heavy set racial divide. Alongside rappers like Riff Raff, MGK, Yelawolf, and in some instances Action Bronson, Post Malone is blurring the color divide that has been oh so apparent in the world of hip-hop. His recent collaborations include work with; Zuse, 1st, and producer Charlie Handsome.

Check out his music above and watch the recently released video for "White Iverson" below.

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