Posted Dec 31st, 2013 (2:27 pm) by James Hughes
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In a method never seen before, the windy city wrecking crew Flosstradamus released their newest mixtape via an uniquely hybrid hard drive.

The hard drive containing the mixtape is unlike any other because it doubles as a vaporizer. Containing the B NNED 3D mix upon purchase, the presentation is a giant step away from the classical methods of CDs and vinyls. You can pre-order B NNED 3D mix with vaporizer here. If you don't feel inclined to purchase the vaporizer hard drive, which is in limited quantities, you can download a digital copy of the mix. In the mean time you can stream the mix above. Enjoy!

• 6 GB Hard Drive
• Standard USB
• Banned 3D mix by Flosstradamus
• 5.79 inches in length
• stainless steel
• 1 x Wall Charger
• 1 x Packing Device
• box dimensions are 240mm (length), 100mm (width), 38mm (hight)

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