Posted May 29th, 2014 (12:03 pm) by James Hughes
Eno Hyde
Eno Hyde
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Coming off the coat-tails of their recent album release Someday World, the duo of Brian Eno and Karl Hyde keep the ball rolling with High Life.

Brian Eno and Karl Hyde's six track album, High Life, will premiere July 1 through Warp Records, just under two months after the release of Someday World.

In a statement to UndergroundWorldLive.com Brian Eno explained the groups reasoning for the new project;

"When SOMEDAY WORLD was finished I felt like we were still on a roll and I wasn’t ready to stop working and get into ‘promotional mode’ for that record. So I suggested we immediately start on another album, a different one, where we extended some of the ideas we’d started, and attempted some of the ideas we hadn’t."

Fans will have to wait until Aug. 25 for the the vinyl LP, but you can pre-order the album here. You stream the first single "DBF" above.

High Life Tracklisting:
1. Return
2. DBF
3. Time To Waste It
4. Lilac
5. Moulded Life
6. Cells & Bells

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