Posted Aug 18th, 2015 (1:06 pm) by James Hughes

One of the most famous members of the LGBT community, Sir Elton John, made his point known about Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro's recent actions.

The mayor of the Italian city recently passed an order to ban books involving same sex couples, and to have them be removed from children's schools in the city. This ban pulled any book with reference to same sex marriage of the shelves of students - 49 in total. The government will decide which books will be appropriate for children to be exposed to. This move has been criticized by many as an act of projecting government opinion onto the citizens of Venice.

Elton John quickly fired back at this absurd ban on his Instagram page calling Brugnaro "extremely silly," and "boorishly bigoted." John continued by saying that the mayor promotes a world that "fosters ignorance." Read the post below.

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