Posted Sep 3rd, 2015 (10:35 am) by James Hughes
EL VY - The Man To Be

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The National's Matt Berninger and Menomena's Brent Knopf depict a wild night of emotional battery, intravenous drug use, and auto-erotic asphyxiation with their new song, "The Man To Be."

The lo-fi rock track catches your ear with it's grungy nature and lyrics to match - hilarity ensues with a David Carradine-esque scene painted for the listener that culminates in the strangest chorus: "I'm peaceful 'cause my / dick's in sunlight." Upon hearing this I could not help but burst out laughing. The absurdity of these lyrics do not, I repeat do not, take away from the musical accompaniment.

Berninger and Knopf's pairing proved to be beneficial - by combining their distinct styles they found a new sound all their own. The thoughtful use of cymbals and low tempo tom fills matches the persona of the song's fictional hotel junkie almost perfectly. Juxtaposed with the feeling of desperation is an optimistic piano and organ part that pushes towards the upbeat chorus. Add in a third layer by way of a dirty garage rock guitar and the whole song comes together in a uniquely brilliant way, covering the vast range of emotions that accompany excessive drug use.

"The Man To Be" has its redeeming qualities, but the one that stands out is the refusal to take itself too seriously. It's an entertaining four minute track that simultaneously requires you to wash you mind in bleach to rid yourself of the disturbing images conjured up by the twisted lyrics. Check out the lyric video below and look out for more from these two soon - I have a feeling they've only just begun.

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