Posted Sep 7th, 2015 (12:24 pm) by James Hughes

Singers beware, a rouge Twitter user is exposing your crappy vocals.

Twitter has a rising star in the exponentially popular @isolatedvocals. The account strips down your favorite songs so you can listen to a cappella Freddy Mercury all the way to teen punk hit Blink 182. Since its first post on Sept. 3, it has already garnished a substantial following. @isolatedvocals made their debut with Green Day's Minority.

"Please be patient.."
The account became so flooded with requests that a PSA was released asking everyone who was supporting the social network project "to be patient" with the process. Isolating the vocal frequencies takes time and, as mentioned in the statement, can be an impossibility for some, if not many, of the requests. The problem seems to be a lack of discrepancy between the instrumentals and the vocals - check out the entire statement here.

It might also be a while before you see your request hit the web; with a now aforementioned following of over 10,000 followers, the account definitely has its hands full. Let's hope that these early submissions are worth the wait, so far I have been impressed.

The heat is on.
The release of these isolated tracks gives us a rare opportunity to listen in on just the vocal performance. Artists should take note, because now everyone is going to know exactly how they sound. The album recordings set the standard for how the song is supposed to sound, and if an artist can't recreate this, it could be a big problem. But there is a more important matter at hand - what if you just cant sing? To an artist without the strongest singing voice, this account could bring some seriously negative exposure. What was once a voice that was masked by catchy guitar riffs and aggressive drum fills is now weakened and alone.

Check out this Twitter project and look out for your requests to hit the front page. Lastly, there has been some great vocal tracks released on this account, but check out @isolatedvocals favorite post so far right here.

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