Posted Jul 21st, 2015 (11:00 am) by James Hughes
Bleeding Edge: After Five Years Of Touring Radkey Steps Up To The Plate With Deb
Bleeding Edge: After Five Years Of Touring Radkey Steps Up To The Plate With Deb
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With years of live shows under their belt, the Missouri based trio Radkey have finally announced that with their hard work has not been for nothing. The trio announced that their first full length album, Dark Black Makeup, will be released later this summer.

The trio, comprised of brothers Isaiah Radke (bass), Solomon Radke (drums), and Dee Radke (vocals/guitar) provide a youthful breath of fresh air to the genre. Radkey played some major festivals in the past year including; Riot Fest, Download, Japan’s Punkspring, and Coachella. The young group, in preparing for their album, embarked to the UK to record the project. Radkey worked alongside Ross Orton, known for his work with the Artic Monkeys, The Fall, and Jarvis Cocker, to help produce their stadium punk sound.

Even with many fans of punk rock seeing the idea of an album relase as "selling out," this young group should not be taken off your radar punk fans. Radkey's début album is not going to lack any energy or raw punk influence. The young group looks to put an end to the lack of accountability that plagues young adults in current generations by commanding them to take control their own lives. The angst that this band is kicking in the groin deserves everything that Radkey is handing down to it.

Radkey's kick-ass in your face additude got them noticed, and just a year after their inception they were performing with the likes of Red Fang, Against Me, Drenge, Touche Amore, and Rise Against. The band's perception of Radkey on the outside, being three young home-schooled black men is quickly shattered once they hit the stage.

"Honestly, it’s never been about that," said Dee. "Mostly we get given a hard time about our age, but that’s also something we can’t really change. We might walk into a venue and feel like people are taken a little bit by surprise when they see us, but usually after we play all of that stuff kind of goes away."

The young group's potential is there, and all it is going to take is an exceptional album release. Dark Black Makeup is set to release this August. Get yourself a copy and give some props to punk rock.

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