Posted Nov 1st, 2012 (11:30 am) by James Hughes
Profresh, Flinchstigator, Bill Blacklight

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Rocking the depths of the music under the pseudonym Profresher, producer Billy Blacklight has released a new album. Libra was the month long project for the San Francisco's Profresher; and taking his time on the three song album proves to be worthwhile.

The lead off single to Profresher's new album Libra utilizes multiple layers of synths and standard drum beats. "Flinchstigator" travels back in time with throwback 90s beats and menacing undertones. When the beat drops, a melancholy set of chill-wave instrumentals take over the track with power and authority.

Profresher's neo-funk beats resonate over noir chords and grungy synthesizers. The over five minute track absolutely flies by because "Flinchstigator" disguises its lengthiness with kick drum bass and booty claps.

Profresher's mellow nature on his lead off track sets the tone for the next two originals: "Searching For The Sound" and "Homie House." Libra maya be short, but there's a reason why almost 50 percent of the release is dedicated to "Flinchstigator." This is a great track and deserves any attention it gets.

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