Posted Jul 28th, 2015 (5:00 pm) by James Hughes
Betty Who live at Firefly 2015
Betty Who live at Firefly 2015
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As a part of a generation experiencing monumental movements of human rights activism, the LBGT community has found itself with another ally in the fight for equality.

Australian pop star, Betty Who, became an ally to the LGBT community after her song "Somebody Loves You" went viral as a part of a flashmob proposal. The singer/songwriter spoke with Claire Peres, of the activist organization GLAAD, and expressed her views on LGBT acceptance.

With the swift social change over the past few years, the acceptance of all peoples from all walks of life has become a major focal point in our progression as a society. Kanye West's recent appearance on the premiere of E!'s mini-series I Am Cait and this recent interview with Betty Who shows that artists are truly beginning to stand up and speak out for this movement. Music carries a heavily weighted opinion when it comes to swaying the status quo and artists have been using this platform to push their views of social reform since the days of Bob Dylan.

So, maybe we will see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis giving a call to Betty Who for an upcoming LGBT rights project, but for now the LGBT community can sleep easy knowing that they are starting to gain support from some of the heavier hitters in the industry. Watch the interview above.

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