Posted Sep 12th, 2012 (10:30 am) by James Hughes
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Following the release of their infectious single, "Fete D'Adieu," Deerhoof debuted a music video for the single. The video is set in Brooklyn's McGolrick Park on a sunny evening; this sets the tone for the rest of the video.

The director, Elias Gwinn, stated that video is to represent the "bittersweet irony of a 'goodbye party.'" In the opening shot there stands two sulking individuals who see the only way out of their individual ruts is to dance it out.

"Fete D'Adieu" roughly translates to "happy farewell," and the tenor of this video falls right into line with this translation. Everyone is dancing, but no one looks happy to be apart of this event. Gwinn, and Deerhoof, do a great job depicting this torn feeling.

Visually the video consists of quick edits and long shots on the crowd. Not all of these shots are supposed to be shaky as you can see the camera needing to be moved to adjust the perspective. But the variety of shots, though not the smoothest, keep the video moving in the right direction.

Our favorite part of the video is towards the end where the line "a muscle in the heart" is explained through charades. This line escaped us when we first listened to the track, and it is great to finally have that mystery solved.

Check out the video and look out for Deerhoof as they tour around North America. Their next stop is going to be 9/17/12 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn featuring Burke and Gase.


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