Posted Sep 2nd, 2015 (7:13 am) by James Hughes
Alabama Shakes Frontwoman Brittany Howard Reemerges As Thunderbitch
Alabama Shakes Frontwoman Brittany Howard Reemerges As Thunderbitch

If Alabama Shakes are The Daily Show, then Brittany Howard's Thunderbitch project is The Colbert Report.

This release from the quintessential front woman is more of a spinoff than a side project. Thunderbitch, comprised of Howard and members from Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks, rocks out with an expected sound that comes with Brittany Howard at the helm. Think of Alabama Shakes as John Stewart and Thunderbitch as Steven Colbert, similar products from two completely different personalities.

The Thunderbitch self-titled album is the second release from Howard this year as Alabama Shakes released Sound & Color this past April. The entire project can be streamed on the group's website and you can purchase the album on iTunes.

Check out the album trailer here:

Thunderbitch Tracklist:
1. Leather Jacket
2. I Don’t Care
3. I Just Wanna Rock n Roll
4. Eastside Party
5. Closer
6. Wild Child
7. Very Best Friend
8. My Baby Is My Guitar
9. Let Me Do What I Do Best
10. Heavenly Feeling

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