Posted Dec 20th, 2012 (11:00 am) by Ty Owens
Sunglasses - "Swim"
Sunglasses - "Swim"
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Sunglasses' "Swim" first appeared as the b-side on a cassette only EP. The song returned last month on their debut album Wildlife, and now as a music video. The video follows Sunglasses through a modernized noir drama where two detectives try to solve the case of an abducted showroom beauty.

After realizing the identity of the missing girl, the crime solving duo sets out on a venture through a psychedelic forest in order to save the beauty from the grasp of gangster Maroney and his motley crew. Once saved, however, the young harlot pulls a knife on her saviors, revealing in a hail of fire the evil hid behind big brown eyes.

The music video is as jaunty as the track it was made for, and doesn't appear to require being taken seriously. The large mustaches and exaggerated acting give cues to this. However, there are a few gems in the playful video.

The psychedelic forest, for instance, is spectacularly designed and reveals hints of their influence from Animal Collective and the South Carolina Institute of Art and Design where they first met.

Whether you're looking for a blithely modern take on old noir dramas or a more serious look on art and design, the music video for "Swim" is sure to have something you'll like.

Sunglasses - Swim from The Smallest Violin on Vimeo.

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