Posted Jan 24th, 2013 (1:30 pm) by Ty Owens
San Cisco - US Tour
San Cisco - US Tour
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Despite the apparent origins of their name, San Cisco is an indie pop band from Australia. Since making a name for themselves in the land down under, they're now migrating to the US to see if their infectious indie pop can get stuck in our heads too.

In Australia, San Cisco's single "Awkward" ranked seventh in the Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown for 2011. More recently they have been considered an official entrant of The 8th Australian Music Prize. The judges are still in the process of picking a winner, but San Cisco has reached the cut down to 70 artists.

San Cisco's successes in Australia have not gone unnoticed by American label Fat Possum, who signed San Cisco as their first Australian band. Since signing with Fat Possum, San Cisco has released a new EP and album, the latter of which is the precursor for their upcoming tour of the US.

The tour will commence next week and take place along the East Coast, including a showcase as part of the CMJ Music Marathon in New York.

San Cisco's new EP, Awkward, is just a pick-and-choose from older EPs, so San Cisco and the upcoming tour will be large indicators of how well the catchy indie-pop band is going to be received in America. Check back for coverage of the tour next weekend.

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