Posted Feb 8th, 2013 (3:00 pm) by Ty Owens
Polyenso - "One Big Particular Loop"
Polyenso - "One Big Particular Loop"

You might remember Oceana as that one metal-core band. Last year, however, they changed their name, and with it their sound. From metal-core to chilled out indie rock, the now Polyenso shows how far the limits of musical progression can be pushed.

Oceana's first two albums, Birth.Eater and The Tide, respectively, were cut and dry metal-core with enough break downs to put a "The Real Housewifes'" actresses to shame.

Their first EP and final release as Oceana, Clean Head, began showing signs of their progression into indie rock. The EP featured tracks on the more aggressive side of indie, but still notably distant from their metal-core roots.

With the release of their first album as Polyenso, One Big Particular Loop, their transformation was complete. With virtually all traces of metal-core erased from their music, Polyenso is now deeply settled into their newly found indie style.

The best and most accurate way to describe their music is with one word; Radiohead. A comparison made of bands too often perhaps, though the influence is impossible to overlook in Polyenso's music. It goes beyond the content of their music as a whole, which could potentially pass as near coincidence, the vocals are just too similar to Thom Yorke's to ignore.

Not that it's necessarily a bad thing being compared to Radiohead. A band completely rearranging their sound warrants a degree of adopting influences into their music, and they pull it off well.

What the future holds for Polyenso is still unclear. Perhaps techno.

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