Posted Jan 4th, 2013 (4:00 pm) by Ty Owens
Krewella - "Alive" (MitiS Remix)

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Last time we wrote about MitiS it was regarding his newest lovestep track "In My Eyes." As of recent, MitiS has been focusing more on this lighthearted side of EDM, so it's no surprise that he decided to remix Krewella's "Alive."

Despite "Alive" practically begging to be converted into a lovestep track, MitiS calls in a few brutal bass drops to obliterate the YOLO song stylings of Krewella.

The original "Alive" is part of a long line of YOLO songs. You know, that kind of pop song where they sing about living in the moment and the music video has people jumping and throwing things? Not that living in the moment is bad, it would just be a lot easier if the song I was listening to wasn't so terrible.

Anyways, despite the ideological influences of "Alive," it's obvious why MitiS chose to cover it. The pop-drenched synth and vocals are the perfect base for the kind of lovestep tracks Mitis produces.

However, MitiS throws in some surprises that remind us just how diverse the multi-talented producer is.

His remix of "Alive" begins as if it's going to be a typical lovestep track, featuring the poppy synth and vocals of the original with a deep bass backdrop. When the song begins to build you expect a smooth, melodic drop. Until MitiS crushes your expectations into oblivion.

The ensuing drop is delightfully out of place, hitting even harder as the grime juxtaposes its upbeat introduction. The bass also comes in at a quick pace more commonly heard with drum and bass, adding to the overall impact of the drop.

Overall, MitiS' remix of "Alive" excels both as a remix and on its own. It infinitely improves the original track, and stands out as an unexpected dubstep track that hits hard and fast.

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