Posted Dec 21st, 2012 (4:00 pm) by Ty Owens
Tiga - "Shoes" (Mickey Moonlight Remix)

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Tiga's "Shoes" was a humorous and surreal track with a music video equally so, which featured Roger Hopley and model Janine Henkes. Three years later Mickey Moonlight decides to remix it and add even more life to an already vivacious track.

Tiga's original "Shoes" was anything but a serious song. The vocals are robotic and feature a conversation between a man and woman in which the man tries to seduce her by asking to take off her shoes, do her nails, and other similar seductive acts. The woman consistently rejects the man's advances.

The instrumentation in the original "Shoes" is upbeat and playful, containing a funky base line and wet synths. Though it's also repetitive, and while this easily ensures that it will get stuck in your head, it gets a little old by the end of the song. Mickey Moonlight fixes this problem in his remix.

Mickey Moonlight's version of "Shoes" changes up many of the repetitive patterns in the original. He mixes up the vocal tones, adds samples, and throws in more eccentric synth lines. While all of these break up the dialogue progression of the original, what it sacrifices in humor it makes up for in liveliness.

The remix is a great ode to the original for those who once enjoyed it, and even a great song on its own. Mickey Moonlight decided to release it for free so take off your shoes and download it from the player above.

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