Posted Dec 11th, 2012 (11:00 am) by Ty Owens
Kiki Pau - "Tomte Mars"

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Kiki Pau is a four piece psych-rock outfit based out of Finland. Their past work has dabbled in the more abrasive side of psych-rock, but with the release of their new single “Tomte Mars,” it appears that they could be headed in a different and more mature direction. The inventive 8-minute trek works in hand-percussion and wind instruments to produce a psychedelic track that’s chill yet captivating.

“Tomte Mars” builds slowly like an anticipatory walk through a forest while waiting for the acid to kick in. It has some notable new age influence which you’ll notice from the wind chimes in the beginning, but as the song progresses it becomes an impressive hybrid, mixing the earthy vibes of new age with the crunchy guitars and groovy bass of psych-rock.

The vocals are a welcomed surprise when they make their appearance at around the 6-minute mark. They’re soft and smooth like the sound of wind-whipped leaves, with lyrics such as “I wanna lay in the grass all night / I wanna stay here and stare at the skies,” that seamlessly align with the verdant vibes.

“Tomte Mars” is a shockingly inventive psych-rock track and a step into new territory for Kiki Pau. Even if you’re a fan of Kiki Pau’s heavier past works, “Tumte Mars” is an indicator of maturity in the up-and-coming band and it also marks an advancement of the psych-rock genre as a whole.

“Tomte Mars” is the first track off of Kiki Pau’s forthcoming LP “Pines,” which is due to drop in February and available for pre-order now on their Bandcamp. Also, “Tomte Mars” is currently a free download, so feel free to grab it from the player above.

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