Posted Dec 13th, 2012 (11:00 am) by Ty Owens
Vacationer - "Good As New" (Ghost Beach Remix)

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Ghost Beach has a history of producing pop influenced remixes, so it was no surprise when they decided to remix Vacationer's bright indie-pop track "Good As New." Ghost Beach adds their own upbeat touch to the original, but as a whole the remix lacks creativity.

Vacationer's original "Good As New" goes with a hot summer day as well as a cold glass of lemonade. The warm tones and uplifting vocals are what make it a pop song at its base, but Vacationer's classical string samples over syncopated drums is what makes it their own. Ghost Beach played up the pop aspects of the song but sacrificed uniqueness in their remix of "Good As New."

The most noticeable change Ghost Beach makes to "Good As New" is the tempo. The original is slower than your average pop song, so Ghost Beach's adjustment instantly ups the pop status. In addition to the tempo change, Ghost Beach also adjusts the vocals by auto tuning and repeating various segments, adjustments that are expected in a remix but further the upbeat vibes of the original none the less.

Aside from the relentlessly upbeat format of the remix, you can't ignore how standard it is. Very little of the uniqueness in the original track is captured in the remix, and the remix on its own doesn't stand out from the pop-remix crowd.

Overall, Ghost Beach's remix of "Good As New" is an undeniably bright track that will satiate any musical summer thirst, but it doesn't present anything that hasn't been heard before and probably won't have you intentionally playing it for very long.

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