Posted Nov 12th, 2012 (4:05 pm) by Kristina Testagrossa
Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles

The roundup for this edition of Speakerstreams feature some heavy hitters, such as Crystal Castles and Trent Reznor’s new project, How to Destroy Angels. We've got Fake Blood's new one and a mix from +verb as well.

Exceptional electronica duo Crystal Castles come back with a deep, dark well of the human experience through pulsating bass and Alice Glass’s afflicting vocals. This album stays true to the sound we've heard over the course of Crystal Castles' past pair of LPs. Standout tracks include "Kerosene," "Insulin," and Plague."

In 2010, Trent Reznor formed a new band with his lovely wife Mariqueen called How to Destroy Angels. Their new EP, dropping tomorrow, entitled An Omen , is streamable below.

+Verb, the British producer who we covered just this past week, dropped a year-end mixtape a couple days ago. As expected, this one is for the bassheads in the audience.

Fake Blood is an alias used by DJ Touché, also half of The Black Ghosts (which, confusingly enough, Touché has remixed under the Fake Blood alias). His original productions included the huge electro-era tracks, “Mars” and “Blood Splashing (Fake Blood Theme).” After a few years of relative quiet (sans the 2011 single "Medieval"), Theo Keating finally decided to drop his "debut" LP, Cells . The record was released today and can be fully streamed on his official site.

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