Posted Aug 1st, 2012 (4:14 pm) by Kristina Testagrossa

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Stephanie Thompson or “Steffaloo” is an up and coming artist from Los Angeles, CA.

The track in question is a collage of her vocals from her original song “On Fire” with the soothing beat created by Sacred Animals. Collaborations such as this is certainly not a new thing for Steffaloo, as she has worked with many other artists including Gracie, Blackbird Blackbird, Sun Glitters, Chrome Sparks, Billy Comfort, and Germany Germany. Steffaloo has also performed many covers from Justin Timberlake to Cher to Ray La Montangne

Her original sound consists of her angelic vocal harmonies and soft underlying acoustic strums. With the voice of an indie dream, many electronic and ambient artists are aching to decorate her bare-naked songs with their technique. Sacred Animals’ work on “On Fire” feels so natural you’d never guess it was a remix if you didn’t already know. Sprinkled with hi-hat hits and waning echoes of synth, one can’t help but be absorbed in this track.

The video also premiered recently, created by Feel Good Lost. It features shots of pond vegetation super imposed over a shot of Steffaloo’s face (shot by her own brother as she reported on her website). The pond is seemingly breathing with the flow of the music. You can watch the video here and get Steffaloo’s music on SoundCloud.

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