Posted Sep 20th, 2012 (10:30 am) by Kristina Testagrossa
Dying Machines Nicht Sprechen

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New Orleans multi-talented instrumentalist Thomas Bushbach's interest for music early in life got him training in writing arrangements, and classical training in piano and guitar, giving Dying Machines an epicness that your average musician couldn't bring.

The project has an unusual approach to creating the pieces as well, with Bushbach writing the sheet music for the orchestral instruments, and musicians coming in to perform the written pieces before he puts it all together for the final mix. The result is breathtaking, giving the listener who enjoys it an out-of-body spiritual experience from beginning to end.

“Await You” is off of Dying Machines’ second record entitled Nicht Sprechen, set to drop next Tuesday, September 25, with Mush Records. The track is a very gentle, droning piece with a light piano melody throughout and a vibrating background medley. It sounds like something that would be matched with a slideshow of beautiful nature photography to be displayed in a spa, or a track to perform some tai chi to. Either way, it’s relaxing and thought provoking, and we at IYS suggest you download it if you enjoy taking yourself on musical journeys.

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