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Beats Antique release sequel to Contraption
Beats Antique release sequel to Contraption
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The unique and dynamic group that is Beats Antique has announced their new EP, Contraption Volume 2, a sequel to Volume 1 released in 2009.

From what the released free track, “Skeleton Key,” reveals (listen below), Contraption Volume 2 will be more of the same awesomeness that Beats Antique has put out in the past. Middle-eastern melodies and a fusion of electronics with strings and live instruments make for a compelling masterpiece. Beats Antique are currently on tour The remaining dates are below if you’d like to check them out live. Their reputation for the live show is amazing, using interpretive dance and theatrics as a staple in their performance.

Beats Antique :: Contraption Vol. 2 Track Listing:

1. The Allure
2. Skeleton Key
3. Crush (feat. Brass Menažeri)
4. Crooked Muse (feat. Lynx)
5. Hero
6. Colony Collapse - Filastine feat. Nova (Beats Antique Remix)
7. Bus to Balkans
8. Bloody Bones

Beats Antique Fall 2012 Tour Dates
10/30- Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom
10/31- Chicago, IL @ Park West
11/14-Far North Queensland, Australia @ Eclipse 2012 (Symbiosis Festival)
11/22 - Melbourne, Australia @ Melbourne Music Week
‪12/21 - Giza, Egypt @ The Great Convergence ‪(Beats Antique feat. SIDECAR TOMMY & David Satori)
12/27,28 - Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
12/29- South Lake Tahoe, CA @ SnowGlobe Music Festival
12/31- Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre

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