Posted Aug 28th, 2012 (2:44 pm) by Kristina Testagrossa
The Album Leaf
The Album Leaf
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The solo project of Jimmy LaValle, The Album Leaf, just informed fans that a new EP entitled Forward/Return will be coming along shortly. There will be no long wait for this recording, as we have but three weeks to wait for it's release (aka September 18, 2012)!

The Album Leaf has included a plethora of live musicians in the past, but for the upcoming tour LaValle is working with Matthew Resovich - Violin, Keys, Vocals; Dave LeBleu - Drums, Keys, Guitar; Brad Lee - Bass, Guitar, Keys & Trumpet.

The first single, “Descent,” off the new EP is a beautiful combination of midi produced percussion samples, a clean, soothing electric guitar riff, and some strings to put the icing on this delicious musical cake. Take a listen to “Descent” on below; it brings on the feeling of being atop a mountain on a breezy fall day.

Forward/Return Tracklist

01. Stretched Home
02. Descent
03. Low Down
04. Skylines
05. Under The Night
06. Images
07. Dark Becomes Light

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