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Posted Jul 16th, 2012 (1:41 pm) by Daniel Rivera
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"And with words unspoken, a silent devotion / I know you know what I mean" croons Romy Madley Croft in The xx's newest offering "Angels." Soft-spoken, heavy-hearted, and downright evocative, Croft and her counterweights herald the upcoming release of a new album since 2009's xx.

The xx have made simplicity their signature. "Angels" is but a triad of guitar, bass, and voice like the rest of the band's offerings, yet there is nothing vapid about such an arrangement. The warmth of Croft's voice against silhouettes of instrument and space always lend the band what few other acts can ever achieve: base feeling. The xx don't fool around with convoluted chord structures or exaggerated production, instead playing what hurts the most till the wound bleeds dry. The strength of "Angels" is the sparseness of it all, saying only what need be said. "Everyday, I am learning about you / The things that no one else sees." Implicit is a love where the pair has little to say save emotion. Indeed, The xx has little to say save emotion. I know you know what I mean.

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