Posted Jul 9th, 2012 (5:07 pm) by Daniel Rivera
wiz khalifa, busta rhymes, different cloth, o.n.i.f.c.

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"In case you didn't know everything about me--phenomenal," quips Busta Rhymes in the opening of Wiz Khalifa's latest track "Different Cloth." Unusually unhurried in breath, Rhymes makes sure to set the pace for Wiz's latest ode of forthright aggrandizement.

Busy promoting his upcoming release O.N.I.F.C., Cameron Jabril Thomaz is no stranger to the mainstream. Wiz signed with Warner Brothers by the age of 20 after catching the notice of Vibe, Rolling Stone, and the like for his first album "Show and Prove." Though Khalifa eventually parted ways with WB, a number of mixtapes and album releases have only bolstered the artist's popularity throughout the years, as evidenced by the success of "Black and Yellow" and its corresponding album Rolling Papers.

Dropped via tweet, "Different Cloth" arrives at the heels of Khalifa's recently released video for "Don't Lie." Where the freestyle behind the visuals lacks in a variety of subject ("ripping jeans and taking drags / popping tags and making swag" is the general theme), Khalifa offers a much more effusive performance for his latest track. Granted, there is only so much one can say about the copious amounts of OG kush fame affords, but Khalifa makes sure to play it cool when addressing haters this track around. Ensconced in a lush soundscape of sybaritic beats, Busta Rhymes' introduction sets the mood for a song with nothing to prove. Rappers may come, some will change, and many do go, so Khalifa would just like to let you know he is a g, and "they don't make 'em like [h]e anymore." Whatever your opinion of the artists, there's no denying Khalifa and company are in for the long haul.

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