Posted Jun 27th, 2012 (12:16 pm) by Lindsay Roth
Stepdad - Must Land Running Video Review
Stepdad - Must Land Running Video Review

A pop take on a post-apocalyptic Fight Club.

Declaring themselves “pop or whatever,” Stepdad’s video for “Must Land Running” from their new album, Wildlife Pop, definitely plays up the "whatever" aspect of their musical style.

The grainy, green video is eerily reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic Fight Club, except hunky Brad Pitt is a scruffy pop singer and muscly fighters are hip 20-somethings. Director Chris Birkmeier sets a choreographed fight sequence controlled by the closed-eyed band in an empty warehouse of sorts with a crowd of assorted onlookers. The video works perfectly in synch with the song--it is dark but has an upbeat, almost cheesy twist, which is evident during the climax when the system breaks and the fighters turn into choreographed dancers.

The video tries to be original and doesn’t completely miss the mark. The upbeat song pairs nicely with the grainy, rough visuals in the video but is a familiar homage to a popular gritty fight flick. The quality is high, however, the concept isn’t quite matched.

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