Posted Jun 13th, 2012 (11:00 am) by Hannah Tackett
Future Twin
Future Twin
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Meet Future Twin, the latest in fore-fronting trends to come out of San Francisco.

Founded in 2010, this post-punk band was brought together by the all-girl moped gang, the Lockits. According to them, they became fast friends and were soon “huffing gasoline and making shred tents late into the evening." Since then, a few things have changed and the group now consists of Jean Yaste, Antonio Roman-Alcala, Jo Bleak, and Dan DK.

With influences such as Brian Eno, Ganglians, and the Atler Set, Future Twin has taken on a sound very similar to mid-period Sonic Youth and reminiscent of the famous psychedelic bands of the ‘60s that came out of the very same area. (Quite successfully, we might add).

Besides keeping themselves busy playing gigs all over the San Fran area, Future Twin has also recently announced the release of their new EP Future Twin Deluxe Edition. Give a listen to a few of the track up top.

Also, check out the newly released music video to their very powerful song Landslide.

Future Twin is a very outspoken piece of the SF art and music scene, and it’s no surprise with songs that have both powerful and beautiful elements incorporated in them. We think it’s fair to say that Future Twin is definitely a band to keep your eyes (and ears) on.

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