Posted May 15th, 2012 (10:08 am) by Michelle Clark
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"Couch Mode" is the newest (and aptly named) single from Fortune Howl. The track can be found among 6 other outstounding songs on his EP, Depths, released today. Fortune Howl is another stellar solo artist from the Relief in Abstract Records family.

Fortune Howl is just young guy — 17-year old Bryce Linde — making mind bending music with his vast array of electronic equipment. On "Couch Mode," Linde proves he is a master of mood music with his smooth, mellow beat and lullaby rhythms. This track needs its very own disclaimer: Warning, do not listen to "Couch Mode" while operating heavy machinery.

"Couch Mode" is not put-you-to-sleep-slow. On the contrary, it is like climbing into a warm fluffy down comforter on a cold winter's night. In fact, it has similar effects as a hot cup of chamomile. Can you feel the serenity yet? Press the play button above and you will be blanketed with peaceful feelings of tranquility. It's quite nice.

Depths is an outstanding effort from Fortune Howl and given the emotional duress Linde was under when he produced this EP, we think Linde deserves a lot of credit. Linde explains in a recent Facebook wall post that his creative process came to a screeching halt when his close friend committed suicide a few months ago. The event was so tragic, Linde almost quit making music altogether.

Luckily for us, Linde dug deep into his soul and extracted the inspiration for Depths. Not every 17-year old could find the strength to channel his sadness and pain through his art. But Linde did. The courage he displays on Depths speaks to us all about the power of our emotions.

As for "Couch Mode," Linde says, "Couch Mode is just about smoking weed and watching a bunch of movies on a couch with your friends and eating pizza..." And you know something, that stuff is just as important when you're grieving. Linde is wise beyond his years, for sure. If he keeps injecting is raw emotions into his music, we are going to be enjoying a lot of good stuff from Fortune Howl for a very long time.

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