Posted Jun 27th, 2012 (12:34 pm) by Zach Fiore
Stephen Swartz releases the track "Bullet Train" featuring Joni Fetora.

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Ellie Golding just had sex with a bullet on a train? No? You sure? Listen again.

Stephen Swartz is a Miami based Producer/Songwriter/Musician (thanks to his Facebook) who has recently released a fun little number titled "Bullet Train", which features the vocal talents of a one Joni Fetora.

Now. If you've listened to the radio recently, and I certainly can't blame you if you haven't, this track may sound like EVERY OTHER SONG THE RADIO PLAYS. Well at the very least every one that Ellie Golding sings in. So "Lights". Moral of the story, this song sounds like "Lights" which is already an 'older' song. It's not even Joni's vocals either, she has a nice voice, yes it's similar but it's the slimy production that seals it. Stephen Swartz doesn't stand a chance to become what every Facebook cover photo makes him out to be, if he just remakes the same song while putting Skrillex scratches on top of it. That's not how this works, Mr. Swartz.

So the song's fun. It's everything you could possibly expect it to be and not even a beat more. Dance to it, scream YOLO to it, forget it by the time the next song is playing. Keep working, Swartz, keep working. You spent way too much time on those cover photos to let this one slide.

Listen to "Bullet Train" below.

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