Posted Jun 28th, 2012 (9:48 am) by Zach Fiore
Stars releases the first single off of their upcoming album, The North.

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Stars have just announced their sixth studio album, The North, will be released on September 4th. In honor of such an announcement, the band has posted the album's first single, "The Theory Of Relativity" for free!

"The Theory of Relativity" is catchy in a way that Stars hasn't been for years. Sure, it's a little synth heavy, a little too much like a grainy Eighties flick, but it's fun. It brings to mind almost instantly M83's latest outing, but that definitely can't be held against either of them. As always, the track has the beautiful vocals and honest lyricism that has made Stars such a hit from the beginning. Plus, it's already stuck in our heads.

Hopefully, this is a return to form for the Canadian group or maybe it’s just a good single. We won’t know until September. Before then, download “The Theory of Relativity” above FOR FREE and give it a well-deserved listen.

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