Posted Apr 9th, 2012 (11:00 am) by Casey Bieda

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According to Prefixmag.com. Johnwayne, an experimental artist known for his tech-instrumental skullduggery, is compiling his album Doodles into a new album (Oodles of Doodles) and including some extra tidbits for us. How sweet!

One of these extra tidbits is the song “Pondwater." Incredibly innovative in the realms of pure beat and flow, this songs has several things to offer. If you like vintage video game tunes, this song is fraught with them. Sounding vaguely like the underwater music from a Super Mario stage, “Pondwater” layers electric beats on base, creating a 3D effect to the music. There are even little beats in the background that sound something like Mario picking up a gold coin or two. The way the song is paced is constant, but interesting, as the layering of the base and rhythm change and always make for something new to listen for.

Murky and mysterious, “Pondwater” is interesting and extremely enjoyable to listen to. Play it in the car the next time you drive through a thunderstorm or a car wash.

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