Posted May 15th, 2012 (9:00 am) by Kirk Maltais
panabrite on inyourspeakers
panabrite on inyourspeakers

This is minimal synth-heavy music, and if that sounds interesting to you it would be wise to read further.

Soft Terminal is the latest record from Norm Chambers, aka. Panabrite. For those who would like to get their Phillip Glass fix from someone who isn't Phillip Glass, Soft Terminal may be considered required listening.

And remember when I just said "latest?" I lied to you. You see, Mr. Chambers is quite the prolific musician, and according to his blog, he has already put out a collab cassette called Soft Mirage with fellow composer Christian Richer, and is in the process of reissuing an older Panabrite album, Illumination, on LP for this summer. So yes, it's safe to say that Mr. Chambers works harder than most. If your not convinced, take a look at Panabrite's discography, which boasts more releases in 3 years than most artists have in a career.

Ah, but lets talk about Soft Terminal. Sounding at times like the motion picture soundtrack Mark Mothersbaugh was never commissioned to write, this release is alternately playful and introspective, covering as much as the human experience as a Korg will allow. There are other instruments in play, like the tasteful fingerpicked guitar in "Janus," but Panabrite never loses sight of what appears to be his main influence, the synthesizer deconstructions of the early '80s (once again, insert obligatory Devo reference here.) The music never translates as obnoxious homage to an obnoxious sound, but instead strikes the listener as a loving creation from an artist that embraces his own self-imposed limits. It is a garden of sounds, a cornucopia that deserves to be taken in.

By the time you're done reading this, Panabrite will probably have released another cassette, so jump on board.

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