Posted Jul 11th, 2012 (8:00 am) by Kirk Maltais
Pablo Nouvelle
Pablo Nouvelle
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This song is dripping with soul. It reeks of sex and sensuality. I imagine that this is music Marvin Gaye might be making if he were born 40 years later.

"You do me wrong but still I'm crazy 'bout you." So goes Pablo Nouvelle's hook in "You Do Me Wrong," a minimalistic '70s-esque cut of trip-hop. Actually, would you call this trip-hop? It's a pleasant song, a nice accessory for whatever "trip" you would like to take. Regardless, it would seem that Nouvelle's follow-up single to his equally engaging, albeit much different in tone single "Is It OK." Perhaps it isn't that different really, as both singles are subdued in their own right. That said, "You Do Me Wrong" tugs the heartstrings in a way that is perhaps more primal, as soul really is.

Maybe it's the interest in exploring the origins of hip-hop that drives this song.

“It was like looking behind the curtain of hip hop and understanding where it all came from. That changed my life," says Nouvelle, a Swiss filmmaker, says on his SoundCloud.

The recommendation here? Keep yo' ears open for more from Pablo. A full album would have to be an experience worth undertaking.

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