Posted Apr 30th, 2012 (2:28 pm) by Kirk Maltais
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Taking from the both the playbook of GarageBand-hop and the early '90s golden age-era hip-hop, GRANT's dark take on indie hip-hop in 2012 is a dirty affair.

But it would be impossible to say it isn't compelling. The work of the Odd Future stable is another stylistic point of reference, but this (mostly) instrumental record is more varied than anything Tyler and co. have put out. This s/t record starts the listener off with a gospel choir, which is admittedly cliche, but since the music following it brings to mind what the soundtrack to New Jack City might sound like if it gets thrown into the remake pile for this decade, we don't worry.

There are a number of high points on GRANT's record. The only track with an MC, "Nightmare," isn't original in this day/age, but guest Michael Suess channels horrorcore competently. It's good enough to say that hearing him spit, no matter how generic, is a welcome addition on this instrumental set.

The next high point is "Kerosene," which is a departure from the tracks proceeding it, as it is a cool, collected instrumental. No synth hits to be heard here, just a the basics of guitar-bass-drums. It's a, dare we say, soothing, cut on a record meant to be a little abrasive. What's funny about the next full song, "Dream Sequence", is that it brings this following hip-hop classic to mind:

Basically, any time I get to mention the Wu in an article, I'm happy. I get a feeling that GRANT wouldn't mind, either.

Props for the Waka Flocka remix that, at very least, isn't cookie-cutter. Actually, it's pretty hot. Certainly a step up from the source material.

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