Posted May 17th, 2012 (11:04 am) by Emily Hendry
Tor, Drum Therapy
Tor, Drum Therapy
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So the musician behind Illinoize has a new album coming out. No, not Sufjan Stevens (that would be Illinoise with an 's'). Tor, the Vancouver-based producer responsible for colliding Sufjan with Outkast and Aesop Rock, will likely be releasing Drum Therapy in the coming month.

This is definitely one to get excited about. Tor first proved his aptitude for mashups with Illinoize. The album, which is available as a free download here, is an unexpected gem amongst a sea of crappy rap-over-obscure-genre mashups. It looks like Tor’s upcoming release will still make use of samples, but it’s got some original beats too. Drum Therapy’s first single, “Glass & Stone,” is promising. The track bears striking resemblance to Asian Dub Foundation’s iconic collaboration with Sinéad O’Connor, “1000 Mirrors”, without sounding like a total rip-off. “Glass & Stone” is similarly eerie, yet far more soothing. It’s the perfect opener to what’s sure to be a fantastic album.

The release date of Drum Therapy has been pushed back to June in hopes of being picked up by a label. We wish Tor the best of luck with this album. Stay tuned to his Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

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