Posted May 22nd, 2012 (10:38 am) by Emily Hendry
Telephoned, "We Are Young"

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Can we just kill the “We Are Young” song already?

fun. has had a successful week with the release of their “Somebody That I Used To Know” cover featuring Hayley Williams. Yet, it looks like their own ‘anthem’, “We Are Young,” is slowly reaching the Gotye tune in numbers of unnecessary covers. The latest fun. cover comes at us from Brooklyn cover-releasing machines, Telephoned. Their take on the track is neither better nor worse. It places the song’s chorus in an oddly paired clapping beat. The cover is more mismatched than of poor quality.

Telephoned was originally offering the track as a gift for donating to the 2012 Kona Half Marathon, in which band member Maggie Horn will be running. “We Are Young” is now available as a free download to everyone, but donations can still be made until June 5th here.

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