Posted Mar 27th, 2012 (1:24 am) by Emily Hendry
Tako Tomago, "Hydro"
Tako Tomago, "Hydro"
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Tako Tomago has made his official Soundcloud debut, the airy six-song EP Hydro, to a whopping 29 followers. All we’re wondering is why this guy isn’t more famous by now.

Tako Tomago, a.k.a. Florida-based producer Jonathan Van, puts out some clean yet complex beats with this February 2012 release. He is surprisingly entirely self-taught, which is not at all apparent in his work. He sounds as if he’s been doing this for years, although he has stated that he wishes to gain more experience doing live shows. Hydro makes use of loads of effects that contribute nicely to the album’s overall danceable feel.

It kicks off with “Benzo” (featuring Laura Scheiber), which is truly exceptional. Scheiber’s vocals layer over an obscure sitar riff. The two shouldn’t sound good together, but they do. The next few tracks are a tad repetitive of this formula; breathy vocals paired with a heavily manipulated beat are heard in every track. Two of the six tracks even go by the same title, “Faded Denim” and “Faded Denim 2.0.” They’re both fairly impressive, but the latter is probably the more favorable download. Album closer “Late Night Craves” is another strong one, predictably the most fun to hear live. It showcases Van’s ability to arrange weird and mismatched sounds into cool compositions.

Tako Tomago has created a distinct sound for himself with Hydro; we can’t wait for his upcoming full-length! Check out his Facebook page and Twitter for updates on touring (he tends to stay in the Tampa Bay area) and the new album.

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