Posted Feb 9th, 2012 (1:00 pm) by Emily Hendry
"Emergence", Daizo LP, RareBit

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Los Angeles based musician RareBit (a.k.a. Justin Hopkins) likes to keep it in the family. He describes his first full-length Daizo, which is named after his grandfather, as “families of songs that share similar traits."

However, the album’s first single, “Emergence," stands alone.

Compared to RareBit’s first EP, The Destroyer, "Emergence" is far more in-depth in terms of composition. Hopkins establishes himself as a talented musician on this record, with complex melodies and intriguing tempo changes. “Emergence” captivates the ear within about ten seconds of first listen and is impossible to classify. It’s not aurally pleasing in the way most music is, but more of an oddity that makes one wonder what could be heard next. This is not a track to dance to, or to have on in the background of a conversation, but to simply consume alone and enjoy.

If RareBit’s recordings are reflective of his live shows, it’s probably worth tuning into his Facebook page for tour dates. To pre-order Daizo, which will be released on February 28th, head over to Non Projects.

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