Posted Jan 6th, 2012 (12:22 am) by Lily Palmer
Wintercoats - Delicate Position featuring Sea Oleena

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"Delicate Position" is at times strangely endearing, but the overwhelming entanglement of too many different sounds takes away from this Wintercoats track.

Wintercoats consists solely of Melbourne, Australia born J. (James) Wallace. The orchestral, atmospheric pop sound of Wintercoats began with Wallace in 2008. On his track “Delicate Position” Wallace collaborates with artist/photographer/musician Sea Oleena. The track starts with a very simple rainy day guitar intro, but as the song builds Wallace consistently adds different sounds and beats, while also weaving in a tender vocal by Oleena. It begins as an intricate layering of complementary sounds that give the overall track a nature feel, but by the middle of the song it is as though the plethora of sounds and melodies begin to work against each other, creating a tangled cacophony that stifles the beauty of Oleena's vocal. Wallace makes up for it a bit at the end of the song by distorting and fading out the vocal, while simultaneously simplifying the underlying track, but it's not quite enough to win back the listener.

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