Posted Feb 15th, 2012 (3:06 pm) by Lily Palmer
How How
How How
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Warszawa, Poland's How How released their EP Bumpy in early 2011 and have since followed it up with their latest full-length effort Flickers.

How How is made up of Miron Grzegorkiewicz, Adam PodniesiƄski, and Filip Madejski (with the help of Mateusz Franczak and Olgierd Dokalski on tenor sax and trumpet, respectively, on the track K2). How How is an electroacoustic free pop group that produces alternative ambient, lo-fi, electronically experimental tracks. They describe their music as having "emotional elements mixed in electroacoustic structures and broken, lo-fi songs."

Their first full-length album Flickers sounds a lot like an extension of their Bumpy EP. While it's clear that they draw their inspiration from a lot of different places, their music presents itself with an uneasy sense of confusion. The LP opens with "Bumpy," which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The sounds come from all over the place, leaving the listener with conflicting views on the overall feeling of the track. On the opposite end of the spectrum lies "Kuterek" with its subdued, ambient feel. There's no vocal, just a reserved and lovely sound. Like "Kuterek," "K" is another hit on an album that so frequently misses. The strange, distorted vocal pairs well with the understated electronic sounds that are layered throughout the track. Listen to "K" above, and you can check the rest of the album out on How How's bandcamp page.

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