Posted Feb 29th, 2012 (2:24 pm) by Lily Palmer
GOLDEN EYE - Golden Eyes Forever

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GOLDEN EYE remastered Golden Eyes Forever for re-release on February 21st, with a 10" vinyl coming this June on Hard Change.

MA's own GOLDEN EYE has a psychedelic rock sound, heavily rooted in the vibes of summer. The band, consisting of Alec Feld (of Expensive Looks), is self-described as "acid-dipped pop and the ecstasy of summer... West Coast sound meets East Coast forests, the woods are our beach." That signature sound is definitely present on "Tides," the opening track on Golden Eyes Forever. The singular guitar opens the song followed by the steady additions of the rest of the band. The vocal is muffled and distant, taking its place in the background of the music. It's a good track that, unfortunately, burns out a little too abruptly at its 2:22 length. However, it definitely evokes the feeling of a summer night, setting the tone for the rest of the tracks on the EP.

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