Posted Sep 14th, 2011 (1:06 pm) by Patrick McGinn
Denver's Woodsman
Denver's Woodsman
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It’s only fitting that a group of guys from the urban wilderness that is Denver produce some really heavy psych rock--or as they refer to it “experimental ambient post-psychedelic neolith.” With two guys on the cans, Eston Lathrop and Dylan Shumaker, a veritable smorgasbord of equipment and a propensity to churn out 14 minute space trips like “Smells Like Purple” (for obvious reasons), they’ll likely never come down from the lofty high atop their overwhelming mountain of sound.

Lathrop and guitarist Trevor Peterson were a two-piece act that eventually merged with now lead singer, Mark Demolar (now in Brooklyn), and Shumaker, via film school four years ago. Think of it as two Black Keys forming into some strange amalgamation of Animal Collective and Can. Last year’s Mystery Tape EP proved to their critics they can restrain themselves and develop structure and tension previously occupied by atmospheric jam sessions. “Hocus Pocus” is the one true standout from Mystery Tape demonstrating a capacity to explore their sound while grounding it with some really playful intonations. Some thought this type of focus was lacking on this past January’s full length release, Rare Forms ( and that they sounded a bit too much like Animal Collective).

Their new single, “In Places,” immediately demands your full attention with its tight synergy between both diametrically opposed drums. This is the necessary tension driving their sound that is complemented by Demolar’s spooky echoes and gradually escalating feedback. Their new Mystic Places EP drops October 25th courtesy ofFire Talk Records.

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