Posted Dec 19th, 2011 (6:22 pm) by Patrick McGinn
Great White Shark EP

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Being eaten alive by a great white shark is the last thing on your mind when the oceanic atmospherics of one Keith Canisius surround you. No blood thirsty yearnings here, just a blend of nearly every genre at his digital disposal; from a dubstep bass drop to dream pop synths. He’s an American in Copenhagen, (turning green with jealousy), who not only produces, mixes and masters his unique bedroom pop but plays live gigs with a couple of Christians’ (cardinal names) and an Anders who compose The Holy Dreamers.

It would be downright fascinating to see the arrangements assembled on stage for any of these heavily-produced gems. Title track “The Great White Shark” threw me off initially with its Skrillex-eque bass-heavy intro, but once things started slowing down a bit, we hear a clearer progression to the ocean rock championed by geographic neighbors to the north, Korallreven . Still trying to figure out where constant repetitions of the year 1916 fit into a lyrical story arc – but who cares if it sounds so damn cool right?! The next two tracks on the five-track EP, “LSD” and “Yeah I Oh”, are considerably more ambient and certainly don’t lack any sonic weight behind their sustained barrage of tonal bombardment. No doubt you’ll have the “Beach On My Mind” at the conclusion, which might have some of the best modulated guitar whine I’ve ever come across on a dream pop album. For all the swirling about, Canisius keeps his head above the water, gliding across it like a lo-fi messiah.

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