Posted Jun 1st, 2012 (5:54 am) by Sarah Wilson
Work Drugs:  Boogie Lights

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Work Drugs have released “Boogie Lights,” another summery-single from their upcoming album, Absolute Bearing; due out in July.

Infectious, smooth and quietly sexy, there is something ironic in the sound of Work Drugs music. That feeling that always makes me think they're making pretty music while chuckling because they’re making pretty music.

True to form, "Boogie Lights" stays in line with the other recent releases (Daddy Bear and Coral Gables) Work Drugs has put out over the last few months in the run-up to the album release. “Boogie Lights” feels light as gossamer. The use of soft use of horns blends nicely with the quiet synth and floating lyrics. The overall effect is very nearly hypnotizing.

New favorite song line too: "It feels so good to dream…"


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