Posted Oct 3rd, 2011 (1:47 pm) by Sarah Wilson
:papercutz Cover The Cure's Disintegration

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I’ve always said if you’re going to remake, redo or otherwise revisit another artist's music, pick something that’s not iconic. And if you do pick something as well known and iconic as say, The Cure’s “Disintegration”, you darn well better do something impressive with it.

:papercutz (the working name of Bruno Miguel and Melissa Veras) does. Their rework of The Cure’s 1989 work “Disintegration” is brilliant. From the way they handle Robert Smith’s original haunting lyrics to the use of more ambient music they create to replace but still echo the original. The song, while still vaguely recognizable as what it is, takes on a whole new life in their hands. :papercutz don’t just reproduce the sound The Cure gave “Disintegration” nearly 25 years ago, they’ve recreated it with a whole new modern edge.

Not only have they done the song justice, they have managed to improve on a classic. It’s interesting, it’s engaging and :papercutz clearly came out ahead with this one.

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