Posted Feb 24th, 2012 (12:25 pm) by Sarah Wilson
Josh Benash
Josh Benash
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Hailing from White Plains, NY, Josh Benash, formerly of Kiss Kiss and currently of Vuvuzela, has released his first solo work, The Dismal; The Beautiful. He came on the scene first with the band Kiss Kiss in 2004. The band’s focus felt mostly post punk meets experimental, equal parts noise and catchy riffs. When with Kiss Kiss, Josh spent the majority of six years on the road supporting a variety of acts including Murder by Death, Paper Chase and others.

In 2010 Kiss Kiss went on hiatus and Josh found himself itching to keep working on music. That translated to a new project, Vuvuzela. Currently, Vuvuzela is wrapping up their first album, working with D. James Goodwin who has worked with The Bravery and Murder by Death. The line up for Vuvuzela includes more traditional instruments like upright piano, standing bass and oh and they have a harp. Yeah…really! The album should be available soon.

In the meantime, Josh has been writing and recording his solo project. The Dismal; The Beautiful was recorded on his own, essentially in his own bedroom and with pretty much any instrument he could get his hands on. The album he created, also mastered by D. James Goodwin, falls firmly in the alternative/experimental categories.

Check out the single “My Little Noose” up above. Then, showcasing Josh’s ability to do a complete 180 on the same album, check out another sample of his work from The Dismal; The Beautiful in his video “Bodies of Trees.”

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