Posted Sep 27th, 2011 (2:59 pm) by Sarah Wilson
We are Young by fun. ft  Janelle Monáe

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fun.’s latest single, “We are Young” is freaking great.

Even though there's somewhat of a disconnect between the intro and the rest of the song, both could totally stand on their own. After the intro, sweeping vocals over big, full music take off and are totally engrossing and huge. So bold and sweeping, in fact, I’m reminded almost of a Queen-esque ballad…but softer. Maybe if Mark Foster had Freddie Mercury’s love child and that child wrote anthems?

Regardless, it’s almost addictive in its positive feeling and richness. And Janelle Monáe’s voice adds another layer to this already huge anthemic track. I’m used to fun. being fun and this track is so rich and so positive it’s also addictive. More of a good thing from the band. Set the world on fire indeed.

fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe by Fueled By Ramen

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