Posted Nov 28th, 2012 (12:35 pm) by Sarah Wilson

When a band describes themselves as “Old friends in a young band. A band that should have always happened” then you know you’re probably onto something.

Taking their name from a Travis song, Battleships was formed in Sydney, Australia barely a couple years ago (2011), though the members have been friends longer. Jordan Sturdee (vocals, guitar) and Jonathan Bowden (bass, keys) have been friends since grade school. Together with friends Nato Hannaford (guitar) and Dan McMurray (drums) they created Battleships.

The band’s first release was the three track In Retrospect in February of 2012 followed by a single titled “ Your Words” in July. And, clearly not content to rest on that…they’ve released what they’re calling a “mini album” with seven songs [two previously released, five new] entitled To You. The latest single “Coming Back to You,” streaming below.

Hazy-smooth and decadently mellow their sound is always utterly listenable. It feels like music put together by people who know each other and more...know what they want to create. My ear does quickly draws parallels to bands like The National or The Editors.

It will be interesting to see how Battleships will continue to distinguish themselves in the crowded and broad ‘indie rock’ genre.

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