Posted Nov 13th, 2012 (9:44 am) by Sarah Wilson

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If you were going to mix a perfectly earwormy piece of house music into Trap for Middle America...then you're going to want to look to Keys N Krates for the job.

Or so it would seem from their treatment of Zedd's "Follow You Down."

From the fuzzy start of the track, Keys N Krates doesn’t endear one to this remix. It sounds accidental; the break of the fuzz and then the return is distracting. The slowed down tempo of the back beat is interesting, then it drops into a Trap thump that actually does add quite a bit to balance out the high pitched (and highly repetitive) vocals. Regardless, just when you think OK, something new is about to happen at nearly a minute in, it slips back again and becomes that piece of house that sounds, performs and drops in all the expected spots.

The touch of Trap is interesting in this piece but it sits on the edge. Is the track trying to be heavy and afraid to move deeper into the genre they’re toying with? That’s the feeling you get, even though Keys N Krates has proved that they do mix Trap with a sickness, there’s still an "almost there" feeling on this track that makes you wonder why they pulled back just when it could have gotten really interesting.

Even though it’s definitely sexy in spots the treatment Keys N Krates gives Zedd’s “Follow You Down” just doesn’t quite make that next level it feels like they were reaching for.

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